Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sign it with a Kiss (or some cake)

I would begin by apologising for a week between blog posts, but in reality who with a life can manage to blog more than once a week?! So no apologies ;)- but what a week! The highlight was, without-a-doubt, the beautiful wedding of Jack and Claire on Saturday: a beautiful service, a fantastic time of catching up with old and dearly loved and missed friends, and lots of fun playing and dancing at the reception. For me it was a particular joy, as I'd been asked to play in the ceilidh band in the evening, playing medleys of old jigs and reels. It was the first time I'd ever done it, and a previously-undiscovered wonderment! There's something brilliant about getting a tune right under your fingers, and feeling the tune getting faster and faster as you send the dancers into frenzied swirls around the dancefloor beneath you that mimic the frenzy of your own fingers. Anyway, as I said in the first blog that I would mention 'things that make me tick' there is your mention. I love playing ceilidh music. My added bonus is that I get to go back to college on Friday and join in with a ceilidh there, and get to dance it this time. Bounteous joy, I am lavished with it :) ...Have just been distracted for many minutes by a youtube guy who's posted a fiddle-tune a day for a year. What a legend.

Today's joy is that I've started back at British Sign Language classes again for the new year, and new module! Wahey! Didn't know I go to BSL classes? Well, I go to BSL classes! (Glad we've cleared that one up...).Our teacher, Jill, is an absolute delight, she's so funny, and is also profoundly deaf,  so we have no choice but to sign with her; it can make communicating tasks in the lessons hard but ultimately makes us using our signing much more, and get better at. She likes to tease us for both our under- and over-emphasis of how we sign...today we were learning about how facial expressions make a difference to the same signs, in the way tone of voice normally would for us, and how to sign emotions. This lead to some beautifully mockable overexaggerations of a love of cake. This may or may not have been me...

In other news, I have just indulged in a delicious slice of fruitcake with creme fraiche, home-made by Bry's Dad. Yeah, ok, the cake lover was me.

Right-o, today we're going to comedic Emily-basics today. Many of you may have seen my facebook status earlier that said: "LOVE IT. Lady on the phone just asked me genuinely to 'bare with'. If only she knew...". Sadly to me a certain colleague in the office (who I shan't name, but my disappointment in his comedic knowledge is enough to give it away) admitted he'd never seen Miranda before. So, to put this status in context, I give you sadly not a 'bear with!' quote, as I can't for the life of me find one, but a most excellent clip nonetheless...may it begin your Miranda-related trawling of the internets in search of lols :)


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