Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year, New Blog, and Cake.

Helloo friend :)

You join me having just returned back to Oxford after a lovely break at 'home-home' in Northampton (it now has to be distinguished from normal 'home'), relaxing once-again in the single-seat, listening to a nice bit of Katie Sky with a Bailey's hot-chocolate. I've also been indulging in a few episodes of the Flight of the Conchords, and some fish-fingers and chips, so a very Happy New Year indeed...! I'm pretty sure that resolution along the lines of 'lose weight for Mica's wedding in May' doesn't exclusively rule out the opportunity to eat fish-fingers and chips, right...?

Anyway, starting a new blog: another new years resolution? Well, actually, of the twenty-odd 'Things to do in 2012' ('they're *not* resolutions, honest!', she's telling herself), starting a new blog isn't one of them; but 'do something with some of your photographs', 'keep watching comedy because you're better when you've laughed' and 'decide what you want to do with yourself' are. Along with several others. So this is a bit of a culmination of those things. Love it, Laugh at it, Photograph it.

My intention with this blog is largely just to post things that make me tick, and things that I've done that are uber-cool and I want to be able to archive. I realised a few weeks ago that almost everyone I know has now realised that if I'm even a little bit funny it's because I quote the things that make me laugh ad nausium, and don't really have any original funnies in my brain. So for all of you who *don't quite get* all the Miranda, Eddie Izzard, IT Crowd, Friends, Michael McIntyre, Flight of the Conchords, Big Bang Theory and Mock the Week -isms that I come out with on a regular basis, I hope to post them as I'm reminded of them, and anything new and brilliant I come across.

Equally, I am a particular fan of being behind a camera, especially when there's biological things in front of it. The dream is not to let the massive LOVE of Biology die, and to let the love of photographing grow. So. If I take something particularly cool, I'll just throw it at you for your approval.

And another 'equally', when I was at uni I OCCASIONALLY wrote a blog called God loves Darwin too, (it was incredibly occasional!) which was a place where I waffled about the links I found between what I was studying on my course and learning at church - the link between science and religion. It's still an area that really interests and inspires me, so if any other bloggable thoughts return to my head (though goodness knows my head seems to work in a completely different way to how it did at university now. I just store email addresses now. Yes, if you're at OCC I probably do know your email address off-by-heart. And yes, I am aware how inadvertently freaky that is.) I shall write them here too.

Anyways, I shall bid you adieu for now, and leave you with my first, and probably one of the most classic clips I could - the continual refrain of the Sturgess household since Christmas day...'Cake?'. Thankfully the alternative was never 'death'...


  1. Welcome to the blogging world :) This is very promising... I'm excited by mentions of Miranda, IT Crowd, Conchords, Friends... makes me think you would love Samanatha Who? I look forward to seeing more of your facourite things (heehee... spellcheck the msg at the top...)

  2. Thanks Simon! Lol, I just noticed that too - don't worry, I'm on it ;)

  3. Haha! Grand. This is the same design I use for my blog, btw (albeit fiddled about with) - great choice! ;)