Monday, 2 January 2012

An evening of Monopolising, and Youtube Joy

Good evening!

Well, today was a great way to mark being back in Oxford, with a nice 'games and cake' (and then quiche, because we're Christians - but home-made because Ruth is a domesticated Christian) afternoon/evening at my friend Ruth's house. She makes amazing cake. Uh. May. Zing. Serious brownie food-gasms going on there. Anyway, after a long and protracted game of Monopoly (I honestly had no idea it could go on for so long - I've never seen a game to its conclusion before, it's some serious stuff!) we settled down to an entertaining session of exchanging our favourite videos. You know how it goes, one person mentions one thing, you watch it, then someone suggests another, and before you know it four hours has gone by and you've watched almost all of Youtube? Well, it wasn't quite that extreme but you get my drift.

I'm actually not going to share with you any of the videos we watched right now, though we did cover some excellent classisc, through Monty Python, Two Ronnies, Eddie Izzard and Morecambe and Wise (some of which I'm sure I'll get to at a later date)... But we did get talking about Northern comedians, which took me immediately in my mind to this. This is probably her most iconic and my most favourite of her songs. For the fact that I'm not a middle-aged woman, she still has me in stitches - it's cheeky, a bit saucy, and if you pay close attention you'll see Miranda's mother, Penny, in the audience looking considerably younger...

Ladies and Gentlemen. may I present Victoria Wood, and 'Let's Do It (The Ballad of Freda and Barry)':


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  1. That is absolutely hilarious! I love Victoria Wood! Did you see Julie Walter in the audience? Have you encountered Flanders and Swan and/or Tom Lehrer? X