Saturday, 28 April 2012

Well, I just met you, and this is crazy...

...but here's a blog post, so read it maybe? :) 

I'm not going to lie, I've had Carly Rae Jepson's song Call Me Maybe in my head for about a week now. It is ridiculous, and I've nearly sung it inappropriately at so many people this week too (I work with too many married Christian men for singing 'here's my number, call me maybe' under my breath to be an appropriate action. It's not really appropriate with the unmarried Christian men either, come to think of it...). But anyway, this is entirely not what I was going to write about, but it's in my head, and I promised you 'the inner amusement of Sturge' so that's what you get.

*Actually* I was going to show you two photos of some cool new things I acquired in the last fortnight or so: a beautiful Cath Kidston bag, and a cute hummingbird/tea-cup necklace. Exhibit a, and b.

So. Cute eh? The real joy, however, is that neither of these are actually real.

Ok, so they *are* real, but what I mean to say is, they're not what they appear, they have a story, there's something more to them than the cutesy kitsch that first catches the eye. The bag - that is a Cath Kidston design of bag, made with Cath Kidston fabric - but made by my delightful housemate, Bryony, as a birthday present. It is absolutely adorable, and I love it so much; but it is so much better for knowing that rather than going out and spending a silly amount of money on me (because CK things are silly amounts of money, let's face it), she spent a silly amount of time and energy making something beautiful for me. And I'm not kidding, it really is wonderfully well made. It means so much to receive a present that somebody's put time and energy into, I was so genuinely touched.

The necklace - well, who knows what its story is? My joy in it is that I bought it at Oxfam for £2.50, the rim of the tea-cup already slighly worn, but is so adorable. The chain is gorgeously double-linked, and the hummingbird is so sweet, and it just sits incredibly pleasingly.I think I just love with charity shop buys that you have no idea who's already loved them. I like to think that maybe someone had a pet tiny person who liked drinking tea, and riding humming birds, and when they passed away, as pet tiny people sadly do, they made this necklace in memory of them. I'm almost certain that's how this necklace came about...


In other news, life's getting pretty exciting now: I'm graduating next weekend (yes, it is almost a year since I sat my finals, but this is how Oxford weirdly rolls) which means I get to doll myself up and live life 'a la gown' once more, getting to see all of my friends who I haven't seen in almost a year in the process. Hurrah! Then, the weekend after that, my dear Mica gets married and I have the honour of being her bridesmaid. :) This too involves dolling oneself up, and also doing much processing, smiling, listening while official stuff happens, and seeing lots of people I've not seen in a while; and also ends with something joyful that has been worked hard on, and will last forever. Which is pretty excellent. 

Yes, that's right people, I just analogised my graduation with one of my best friend's weddings. Boom.

I'm also looking for a house for the coming year, and praying in the good stuff for my prospective housemates so all the financial and geographical logistics of that fall into place...and then in amongst all that joy I also find myself applying for a Masters at Reading University, in Species Identification and Survey Skills. It's all crazy, but crazy in such a good way, I'm just so excited about it. Praise the Lord, eh? I've said it before, but sometimes life is just really exciting.

Having already given you a link to Call Me Maybe, and some photos, I probably shouldn't spoil you with any more media really, but here...have a little bit of BBT: Sheldon playing bongos, a beautiful sight. 

'Penny forgot to use the subjunctive...'

Na-Night x

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