Sunday, 29 April 2012


I know, I know, two posts in one day, what is that all about? Technically it's a new day now, though, so I think it's alright. Well, I've been babysitting this evening, which gives me a good chance to consolidate a lot of the things I needed to get done without distractions (apart from small children waking up crying, but that's fine and par for the course...), but in doing so I've managed to stumble across a load of poems that I wrote when I was at university.

This one that I found is about that strangely entertaining thing where you dream that you're in a relationship with someone who you're really *not* in a relationship with, then you have to work out those odd pseudo-feelings the next day. I dream a lot, and this happened to me recently, so it entertained me when I found it and empathised entirely with the me of two years ago...

The Dream
The strangeness of dreaming,
The form that it takes,
When it infiltrates daytime,
But causes mistakes
In the way that I see you
‘cos those things aren’t real
But it starts to take over
The way that I feel.
I look at you different
For the things that you said
In the world that’s not quite there,
But inside my head;
Because we were different
And things weren’t the same -
Like the way that you smiled
When you whispered my name;
And the way that your hand
Fit so perfect in mine
As we walked through the gardens
Of the depths of my mind.
But real life takes over
And you don’t know the change
That splits me in daytime,
Disregarding the range
Of emotions I should feel,
Versus ones that I do…
These emotions seem real,
But should they be about you?

With that, sweet dreams,

Em x

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