Friday, 31 October 2014

Throwback Thursday: Happy, happy birthdays

Now, I have a confession:

FIRSTLY - I was meant to finish this post yesterday, hence why it was a Throwback Thursday.

SECONDLY - Today is only a 'Throwback Thursday' because I took these photos earlier in the summer, loaded them onto my computer and then forgot to do anything with them. Bad Emily. This is made even worse by the fact that I was *asked* to take some photos at this party, specifically. Even worse Emily.

Better sort that out, quick. 

So - I have two excellent friends called Dave and Claire, who happen to be married, and are both excellent. Until September Claire and I worked in the same office, and as Dave's 30th birthday was approaching I was let in on plans for a surprise birthday party! I would never describe Claire as devious, and I think how stressful she found keeping things from Dave is testament to the openness and good communication of their marriage - but the day finally arrived without anyone having told Dave that the party was happening, and Claire and I pottered down to the lovely Isis Farmhouse down by the river to set up...

This was entertaining because it was Claire's party. It wasn't Claire's party, it was Dave's party, but Claire was the star ;)

It was a reaaaally breezy day and the banners and balloons
did not co-operate well, despite Claire's sterling efforts

Birthday Barbeque :D

The men congregate around the grill for tea and meat.

Dave has arrived!! I was too excited in the big reveal moment that I forgot to take any photos of him arriving.
Bad Em.


The Lovely Ladies :)

Team effort in the Extreme Breeze

Deep Breath!
(There's a lot of candles...ahem...)

Good to acknowledge that there were the tallest and the smallest of friends in attendance

C'mon, dish it out.

I worry about Simon's commitment to this friendship...

Ah no, wait, there we go :D

Lovely Joash does some exploring

I think he was just checking the spelling on the card.

The bubbles!!

Good work Na'amah!

Lots of love at the party
(and a slight clue that maybe I can't take the credit for all of these pictures...)
That's all folks! There'll be more fun coming your way soon - hopefully not at a three month delay like this one was...

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