Friday, 21 September 2012

TTMMH#6 - Autumn TV

Ah, TTMMH. Remember this? At the beginning of the year I started a mini-series of Things That Make Me Happy. I quite enjoyed having lots of random posts about things that make me smile, and so I thought I'd get back on the thankfulness bandwagon. There have been a lot of things recently that have frustrated me (largely pertaining to Estate Agents...Grrr), so instead of dwelling, I'm going to post some more things that make me happy :D

Today's was alluded to in my previous post. Apart from the MAHUSIVE excitement that starting my Masters brings, the other complete joy in my life is all the excellent autumnal TV series that are back on our teleboxes at the moment. So simply, I give you those:

1. Mock the Week. Literally kills me.

2. Doctor Who! Get in. 

3. Downton. I mentioned it yesterday, so I'm giving you a different clip today. I know, I'm all grace:
4...And *finally* Strictly. I mean, it won't be as good without a Matt Baker, but still. Joyful Joyful.

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