Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Things That Make Me Happy [TTMMH] #1 (nail varnish co-ordination)

I realised today that there are so many things in life to which I exclaim 'Oh, that makes me happy!'. Today was a REALLY simple one: I realised that the trousers I'd put on were a perfect match for the 'green-fingered' nail varnish I was wearing. Aren't those moments just so joyful? When you realise you're accidentally a stylistic goddess?...*ahem*...

SO, I decided that I would try and document (as part of the 'love' and 'photograph' elements of this blog) a whole load of the things that make me happy :) Thankfulness and gratitude of the things around you is always a good thing, hence being active in it.

They are in no particular order, ie. the order they appear has no correlation with their importance to me (clearly #1, 'having your nail varnish match your trousers' is not the actual, most exciting, thing in my life, but it's a good place to start because it triggered the thought!)

So, here we go, TTMMH#1 - Today my trousers matched my nail varnish. :D
And so it begins...

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