Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring has Sprung, Port Meadow trips have begun

Hooray! It's Spring! This joyous occurrence means that at the end of the working day it's not already dark, and also isn't too cold to venture out in. This wonderful combination, and a desire earlier in the week to visit Port Meadow that was perfect all except for the missed photographic opportunity, caused me to dust off my camera and head out after work today. And who did I find there, apart from stampeding horses, but my lovely housemate Anadi and her fiance, Dave :)

At last, I can complete the third objective of this blog: Photograph it.
 Port Meadow being beautiful and calm, apart from the horses on their way...
 ...Standing my ground among the stampeding horses...
 ...with more coming! This one on the left ran straight at me for a LONG time before it swerved off...
 ...and off they go...
 ...just leaving their tracks, and a sense of relief, behind.
 Mrs Duck, who enjoys a little croissant of an evening (posh, North Oxford duck)
 Mr Duck
 Particularly gorgeous housemate
 Joyfully watching Mrs Duck eating croissant off Anandi's coat
 Mrs Duck proves just how far she'll go for a tasty French snack
 This cutie was more interested in my camera than her owner's persistent calls that she carried on

Hopefully now the camera's been dusted off, and the light is back, and there's life in the city again, 'Photograph it' will happen a little more often...but until then. 

Love, Em x


  1. Great duck and horse pics Emily!

  2. Lovely! The colours are so relaxing...well done! Catelyn x